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Imaging Showcase: Micro Jams

MicroJams, Inc. marks the end of the traditional radio id jingle service as we know it. Radio jingles have always been consistent in one regard, they’ve all sounded the same, and still do, yet have very little in common with the music of the station they promote. MicroJams are not jingles, they’re quick musical elements focused solely on branding your station’s frequency, calls, and moniker. They’re designed to flow musically within the stations playlist. Since they are musically based on the stations playlist, they immediately brand the frequency and calls with the sound of each respective format and station.

The artists and producers performing these tracks are industry pros that have worked with some of the biggest names in the music business. This makes each MicroJams package indicative to the “sound” of each particular format and consistent with that of major label product. songs. Regardless of music format, they create seamless transitions between songs. Microjams are designed for every music-driven radio station on the planet and since there is no other service that offers this approach to radio imaging, there is no competition.

Radio, as a medium, needs a facelift. Mainly to remain competitive with all of the other media choices available to consumers today. By incorporating this innovative and pioneering approach to music imaging into your playlist, Microjams will immediately make your station break away from the pack. They fit perfectly within a “Less is More” and PPM world, and are perfectly in tune with the future of radio. If you don’t incorporate Microjams into your station’s imaging, your competition will.

The sound of now…the sound of the future…the sound of MicroJams!

Meat Dave Campel, the creater of Micro Jams.

MICROJAMS is a 100% customized station imaging service created and produced from the musical mind of Dave Kampel, best known as the “Voice of Kiss FM” and former longtime Imaging Director of WKSC FM, Chicago. Dave is also the voice the mighty Z100 in NYC, the legendary KIIS FM in Los Angeles, as well as many other radio stations worldwide. His voice, production, and image has been very instrumental in launching and branding over 30 “KissFM” stations nationally during the late ’90s and throughout the 2000’s.

Prior to his career in radio, Dave discovered a natural affinity for singing and song-writing while growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has recorded and written songs with recording artists such as The Deele (LA & Babyface), Blessid Union of Souls, and Grammy award winning song-writer Greg Barnhill (Trisha Yearwood, Amy Grant, Vince Gill).

Kampel is a leader in imaging as well as musical and vocal production/arrangement. Since beginning his career in radio, he has utilized his musical talent and versatility to work with such artists as Pharell, Pink, Rhianna, JoJo, Lenny Kravitz, Omarion, Bubba Sparxx and others. Today, that experience influences his creation of tracks, grooves and elements that work seamlessly in between music while relating to listeners.

Dave has been producing on the Imaging side of radio for 10 years, and It was through this position that he struck a chord, and a fast friendship with Production Master, Eric Chase. During their first phone conversation in ’97, these guys realized that they shared a common disdain for the tired sound of radio jingles. It was then and there the decision was made to transform that very element which had not changed in 50 + years. In 2005, a “threat” from his PD to order a “new” jingle package, prompted Dave to change the sound of the jingle industry forever.

MicroJams can now be heard on radio stations worldwide. From Chicago to Istanbul, Miami to South Africa, Microjams seamlessly brand their affiliate’s radio stations with the music they play.

Checkout the new sound of now!

Micro Jams is sold via TM Studios and Westwood 1.

Get Micro Jams on your station now before the competition clames it!

Tip. Using Micro Jams with Short Bus Radio might be a good idea.


Imaging showcase. Pure Jingles

Pure Jingles the netherlends is one of the most popular jingle and imaging companies around the world.

A bunch of US stations already use Pure Jingles. They have jingles that’ll fit any format. From CHR to Hot AC, Country to AC, Classic Hits to Christian Radio.

Radio stations can create their own custom jingle package with a tool called the jinglebox.

You select your flaver, tempo and key, and listen to the result. Then, depending on your playlist, you select jingles that fit. Of corse, you can have Pure Jingles do a complete custom package if the jinglebox isn’t your thing.

I love Pure Jingles and am happy that the jinglebox feature has been getting allot of use here in the states. Hopefully more stations can take advantage of the jinglebox as there is allot there.

Contact Pure Jingles today and create your own jingle package for your radio station. The jinglebox feature is eazy to use, and all of their jingles fit any format.

As a side note. If you want to pare your Pure Jingles package with and FX library, Check out PANTHERSOUNDS, the buyout imaging FX company.

Reelworld revives jingle and imaging services One and Production Vault

This will make everybody very happy, even PD’S or imaging directors who have used these services before.

Reelworld has revived Production Vault and Reelworld One. In addition, the company struck a new deal to bring both services to Cumulus radio stations effective today.

Here’s the article regarding the new Cumulus deal, from All Access.

REELWORLD welcomes CUMULUS back to the PRODUCTION VAULT, PREP+ and jingle family and announces partnerships with some of their biggest stations in the country.

PRODUCTION VAULT now airs on CUMULUS stations in cities including CHICAGO, ATLANTA, WASHINGTON, D.C. and CINCINNATI. MODESTO, CA is home to REELWORLD jingles, PRODUCTION VAULT and PREP+, and WCTO and WLEV/BETHLEHEM, PA ink new deals which will see them continue to use REELWORLD for the foreseeable future.

“It’s great to be able to provide CUMULUS stations with our products and services once more”, said REELWORLD VP MIKE THOMAS. “We have so many good friends at CUMULUS across the country, so we’ve been working hard to be in a position to provide them with the tools they’ve been asking for. I’d like to thank JOHN DICKEY, MIKE MCVAY and CHARLES STEINHAUER for welcoming us back to CUMULUS not only with open arms, but with renewed excitement and enthusiasm about ReelWorld and our commitment to help their stations continue to make great radio.”

Reelworld One and Production Vault will stay with Reelworld for the foreseeable future.

Here’s some info about both services.


constantly updated radio production tools

With productionvault at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what you can do. From sweeper and promo shells ready for your station VO to playlist-current branded song intros, sound effects and custom music beds, all of your radio imaging needs are covered.

Ten Unique Formats

Updated Constantly

Targeted Topical Content

Huge Music and SFX Library

Artist and Listener Clips

Powerful Search Features

How it works

search or sort

Find the content you’re looking for with our simple and efficient navigation menu. You can even sort from the last 24 hours, week or your last login.

audition audio

Audition all of the latest content with ease via our in-line player and new scrubbable waveform displays.

download files

Like what you hear? Click the (+) icon to save your selection in your cart. When you are done selecting audio, download your files in a single click direct to your desktop.

on the go access

Find, filter and start working on content whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Add your selected cuts to your cart and they’ll be waiting for you when you log in at the station.

built for speed

Powerful search, intelligent content categories, and a highly efficient site architecture make accessing and auditioning any of the thousands of files quick and easy.

easy to navigate

Tired of getting lost in a sea of web code and clutter? We made the site extremely easy to navigate, so you’ll never lose your way again.

Reelworld One.

your last jingle package ever

Go beyond the standard jingle package with a monthly updating service that always keeps you on-trend and sounding as fresh as the artists you play.

playlist-current radio jingles

logo and imaging workparts

song intros

custom vocal kit

three unique formats

multiple logo and vocal options

How it works


New jingles and imaging workparts land in your account the first week of every month. Simply log in and download what’s new.


Listen to the latest updates or browse your entire library. Everything is at your fingertips.


You can either grab individual files or add audio to your cart and download everything with one click.

custom dashboard

See what’s new, what’s hot, what’s happening, and what’s ready for you to download. Our dashboard greets you every time you log in, so you’ll always know what’s up (and what we’re up to!).

built for speed

Powerful search, intelligent content categories, and a highly efficient site architecture make accessing and auditioning any of the thousands of files quick and easy.

on the go access

Find, filter and start working on content whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Add your selected cuts to your cart and they’ll be waiting for you when you log in at the station.

I’m really excited to see Production Vault and Reelworld One back in production after a short break.

There are some changes to both services you should know about. Reelworld One has been completely remixed from scratch with new producers, a new 40-60 voice vocal stile depending on which logo you use, and a hole new website and team. Production Vault hasn’t changed much, just a new website.

Both services are market exclusive. Get them in your market today before the competition does. And I encourage all Cumulus owned stations to air Production Vault and Reelworld One again. You’ll truly be happy you did.

Go to the Reelworld website to learn more about Production Vault and Reelworld One.

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