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Short Bus Radio

Short Bus Radio review. Always new, always fresh.

2 months ago, the #1 imaging service we in the radio industry call Short Bus Radio was taken over by Westwood One.

Dave Meffert, who owned SBR for 13 years, left the company as soon as SBR changed ownership. However, despite all that’s been happening with SBR recently, Dave still produces SBR imaging, and will continue to do so for a long time.

Short Bus Radio is still always up to the challenge of creating imaging that’s new and fresh. Nothing literally has changed since the Westwood One takeover. Your station will still receive new content every week, ready to go for your station.

In a PPM world it’s nice to know you have a imaging service you can count on for the latest sweepers and promo shells, music imaging, beds and FX, and more.

Short Bus Radio just launched their new website, which you can checkout here. New and potential clients can listen to the newely updated format demos and get a free 30 day testdrive to try SBR.

I like the new site design. The demos still say Dial Global, But I bet they’ll change to saying Westwood One soon. All in all, I still highly recommend SBR.

Seats are starting to fill up fast. Contact Westwood One and get Short Bus Radio in your market today before there’s a full tank of gas!


Westwood One acquires Short Bus Radio long turm, Ad large media to distribute Wise Buddah jingles in the United States

No sooner did Dave Meffert, founder of Short Bus Radio leave TM Studios and Short Bus Radio on Friday afternoon comes word that Westwood One has added Short Bus Radio to it’s line-up.

From All Access.

WESTWOOD ONE has signed a multi-year extension with imaging service SHORT BUS RADIO, which is a collective brain trust of major market producers and audio contractors who provide radio imaging, programming, and production elements to 400+ stations across 12 formats. Under the new agreement, WESTWOOD ONE will manage advertising sales for all Short Bus production and imaging libraries.

“PAUL and MIKE, with their team, have created a tremendous business by helping countless stations and managers stand out in the market with terrific sound,” WESTWOOD ONE COO CHARLES STEINHAUER said. “It is a pleasure to continue this partnership and we look forward to growing it over the years to come.”

“We are so excited to continue our relationship with WESTWOOD ONE,” SHORT BUS RADIO CEO/Pres. PAUL BAHR said. “Business is about relationships, and we value our partnership with WESTWOOD ONE and all that we have accomplished together. We are honored to be part of the future at WESTWOOD ONE.

Also, Wise Buddah, who just signed multi-year deals with radio station owners in the united states earley this week just found a US distribution company to syndicate it’s jingles.

This just in to the newsroom.

New York, NY – August 9, 2015 – AdLarge Media has signed on as the exclusive U.S. radio distributor and national ad sales partner for Wise Buddah Jingles, the internationally acclaimed jingle and music imaging service. Wise Buddah has worked with some of the world’s leading radio brands, including BBC Radio, Virgin Radio, and SKY Radio, and makes its U.S. debut with stations in Sacramento, Spokane, and Milwaukee.

Wise Buddah Jingles specializes in the production of jingles and ID’s across the Hot AC, AC, CHR and many other formats. The twenty-one year old award-winning company has been recognized with a Sony Gold Award and two Gold Awards at the NY Festivals.

Wise Buddah Jingles’ unique sound and great customer service made a huge difference in the sound of our radio station,” stated Brett Andrews, Program Director, WRIT, Milwaukee.

“Wise Buddah Jingles will help our affiliates grow their brands by strengthening their sonic signature locally,” noted Jessica Sherman, Senior Director, Affiliate Marketing, AdLarge Media. “It’s exciting to bring such a superior quality of jingles to the U.S. marketplace.”

So this week was filled with big imaging and jingle news. Dave Meffert leaving TM Studios completely to joine Wise Buddah as it’s VP of content, Ad large Media distributing WB jingles in the US and Canada, and Short Bus Radio has found a new home in Westwood One.

Something tells me that things will become different for all parties once the dust clears. All I can say is whether you use IMGR, Wise Buddah jingles, or Short Bus Radio, know your going to create great imaging for your radio station. All thoughts and prayers go to WB, Short Bus Radio, Westwood One, and Ad large media as they make the transition. Hears to new imaging in these last months of 2015 and beyond!

Short Bus Radio now available to Cumulus stations

Short Bus Radio is now available to Cumulus owned radio stations.

Are you a Cumulus station and your ready to change things up in your production and imaging sound? Short Bus Radio is the answer!

Of corce, everybody can use Short Bus Radio on any radio station. But Cumulus radio stations who use Short Bus Radio reepe the bennifits. They get all 15 years worth of imaging, one on one support, and more!

Just so you know, The 15 years worth of imaging is not just for Cumulus stations. it’s for everyone!

Cumulus last month took over Short Bus Radio from Dial Global and is distributing Short Bus Radio under it’s Westwood One division.

Founded by Dave Meffert in 2004, Short Bus Radio is the answer to what I will refere to as sleepy imaging. You get imaging shells, music beds and effects spisific to your format, artist intros and beatmixes and afew more surprises! 800 radio stations from various formats have gotten on bord since 2004. Now it’s your turn!

The sweepers on short bus radio are 5-15 seconds in length, making it eazy for radio stations to just drop in their station voice. You can make the sweeper shells as long or short as you like.

Whether your a cumulus station or not, I highly recommend using Short Bus Radio. you’ll sound better, have more free time, and for once, all of your imaging will be taken care of in a matter of weeks. Like I said Short Bus Radio is for everyone, you don’t have to be a Cumulus station to use this huge imaging library.

New and potential clients can get a 30 day free trial of Short Bus Radio to test out in their imaging. Don’t like it after 30 days? It’s A OK, just let them know and you don’t have to pay them a penny!

Short Bus Radio. If your not on the bus, your under it! Get on bord!

Some other news regarding Short Bus Radio is that they updated all of their format demos. You can find those on their website as well.

Get Short Bus Radio on your radio station today before the bus runs out of seats,! Trust me, you don’t want to be left out on all of the fun. How sad would that be?

Even though I’m just a listener, I love promoting imaging libraries such as this to help them gane more clients and stay busy year round.

Short Bus Radio. Now offering free trials!

Short Bus Radio

A team of imaging pros on standby…


Try ANY of our 12 formats for 30 days – FREE.

Email THESE PEOPLE to get access. We locked ’em in the back, and they don’t get out until they meet their quota. So…you basically control their destiny now.

Basicly, try Short Bus Radio for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you don’t want to ride the bus or your just not interested, no worries! Just let them know.

But I promise you you’ll love short bus radio so much, you’ll take a ride and air it on your station.

Learn more about the new 30 day free trial by visiting the Short Bus Radio website. You can also listen to all of their format package demos and pick the package that fits your format.

Go on and try Short Bus Radio for 30 days. I dare you! If you like it and your ready to go, contact TM Studios to lock Short Bus Radio on your radio station. Just pick the package that fits your format. If you program a cluster of stations with different formats, no worries! there’s more than 1 format specific package that you can choose from.

Imaging Showcase: Short Bus Radio

Short Bus Radio, an industry leader in radio imaging, is a collective brain trust of major market producers supported by the best audio contractors in the world. Our team is always up to the challenge of providing radio stations in nearly every major market with the hottest imaging that will give you the competitive edge.

On top of MASSIVE weekly updates you can consider us your personal production team. Call us. Email us. Need something? We’ll make it.

Formats supported include AC, CHR, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Country, Hot AC, News/Talk, Rock/Alternative, Sports, Traditional Country, Urban, and Urban AC.

All formats include:

• Pre-Built Sweepers…just add your VO
• Promo and Sweeper Workparts

• Thousands of FX and Beds

• Television and Movie Drops

• TONS of raw listener audio

This is one of many highly successful imaging libraries you can find, period. I say many because as you know, there are others like Short Bus Radio. But obviously short bus radio is allot easier to use than other production libraries.

Short Bus Radio was created by Dave Meffert in 2004.

Take a listen to all of there format demos and decide whether or not you want short bus on your station. In my opinion, I recommend that you use short bus radio. I heard all of the format demos and I’m glad this is one of the highly successful imaging libraries to date. All of the format demos sound good and this is a well thought out imaging library!

Find Short Bus Radio here and go for a ride! Seats are starting to fill up fast, so fule up and get on board!

Get Short Bus Radio on your station now before your competitor figures this library out and takes a ride on the bus first. Then what mode of transportation do you use on your station?

Short Bus Radio. If your not on the bus, your under it! Get on board!

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