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Wise Buddah

Megatracks to distribute Wise Buddah in the United States and Canada

It’s official. Wise Buddah has found it’s new US distributor!

After being represented by Ad-Large Media for a year, Megatracks is the official US distributor for all of Wise Buddah’s products.

This includes IMGR and all of Wise Buddah’s jingle packages. These products will now be distributed in the US and Canada by Megatracks, even Wise Buddah’s new Plus jingle service.

US and Canada stations should contact Megatracks for more details about IMGR and Wise Buddah, and to get WB in their market before it gets locked up.

Can’t wait to hear more of Wise Buddah and IMGR in the united states and Canada!


New Kiss FM jingles from Wise Buddah

Berlin’s Kiss FM has returned to Wise Buddah in London for the third time, for a host of new updates. The brief was designed to blend the electronic and experimental sound of the station with the urban, CHR playlist that forms the backbone of the their identity. Together producing one of the most progressive packages in the market.

The updates include new Information Elements, a selection of music beds, 2 TOHs and a tailored ‘Kiss FM Toolbox’, which comprises of almost 1000 individual pieces.

Jem Godfrey, Director, Wise Buddah Jingles: We always get excited when Sebastian calls as working with Kiss is always a great creative experience. They actively encourage us to get all of our audio toys out, throw the rulebook away and just have fun. What could be better than that?

Sebastian Voigt, Programme Director, Kiss FM added: “The new 2015-package is the next logical step in our long lasting cooperation with Wise Buddah! They have set a new standard for creative and on-point urban CHR sound design and it gives our station a very unique look and feel in the market.”

Wise Buddah has recently completed new packages for Switzerland’s Radio Pilatus, NPO Radio 2 (Holland), Antenne Bayern (Germany), BBC Asian Network and Absolute Radio.

American stations can either contact WB directly, or contact AdLarge Media for all the information.

Go here to listen to the new Kis FM package.

Kiss FM is available for your station now. Get it before your competitor does!

Imaging Showcase: IMGR/Imaging Blueprint

This is a first In what I call and imaging showcase. a series devoted to what’s new in radio imaging that I recommend to PD’S in need of new tools and toys.

First off, and all in 1 imaging service called IMGR.

This service is cool. If your looking for something to replace Reelworld One and Production vault, this is it. You get custom jingles, Pre-produced sweepers you can produce yourself, Artist audio, and more!

You can combine IMGR with another service, Imaging Blueprint. More sweeper and Artist content, but there’s also Sound effects, Music beds and beets, and afew surprises.

IMGR is available to CHR and Hot AC formats, but knowing that this is going to be a success, they’ll probably launch other formats. The best part about IMGR is that you can produce everything either online or with another workstation like Adobe Audition or Pro tools. IMGR’S updating jingles will handle any logo your current jingles use.

I personally love both services. IMGR will be a good replacement for Reelworld One, and I have no dout Imaging Blueprint will also be a success. I recommend you get this for your station before the competition does, because both services are market exclusive, and I don’t think you wanna miss out.

Stay tuned, the next couple of updating services come from TM Studios.

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