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Zone Radio Imaging

3 new packages from Bruce Upcherch

Cozy Variety

Real music variety deserves real music imaging variety.  Bruce Upchurch developed 13 new themes for KOSI’s solid brand of AC radio that include slogans, ramps, morning show and utility cuts.

Here’s the new Cozy Variety package.

KOIT – Better Music

Better music screams for cutting-edge imaging.  Using KOIT’s legendary logo, Bruce Upchurch created 10 new themes that take you to the cutting edge of AC without going over it.  All cuts include ramp and ID versions.

Listen to KOIT Better Music here.

Warm in Cincinatti

Warm and refreshing imaging custom created by Bruce Upchurch for Warm 98 in Cincinnati.  20 new themes that include slogans, morning show, evening show and holiday cuts. Using the legendary KOIT logo melody Warm 98 has been using for 10 years running.

Listen to Warm 98’s new package here.

Don’t sit on these packages for to long, as these will get locked up quickly. Get these on your station today!

Desined for AC, Hot AC, and Christian Radio stations.


Shine 2016 from TM Studios.

The first jingle package of 2016!

Introducing, Shine 2016!

SHINE 2016 is the 4th of the SHINE series of wildly successful Positive, Uplifting Jingle packages. Produced for WRBS (95-1 Shine FM) in Baltimore, Bruce Upchurch has once again created the pinnacle of Style and Substance, especially as it relates to the Christian Music genre. Your station CAN sound contemporary, current and COOL and still remain POSITIVE and true to your target demographic. SHINE is at the forefront of all Contemporary Christian Packages available but is also perfect for AC/Hot AC. Contact us and we’ll show you how to make your brand SHINE.

You can use Shine 2016 with another WRBS produced package called Still Shinin’.

Want to go from for king and country to mercie me? Rachael Lampa to Blanka? Chris Tomlen to Building 429? Your totally covered. If your playing today’s Christian music from the past 20 years or worship songs, the new Shine 2016 package will fit whatever you play. Also works with AC and Hot AC formats as well!

Here’s Shine 2016. Play all cuts here.

And here’s Still Shinin’. Play all cuts here.

This is the first jingle package of 2016. Market exclusive and ready to be resung in your market. Grab Shine 2016 and Still Shinin’ now before your competitor does!

Zone Radio Imaging celebrates 10 year anniversary today

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Zone Radio Imaging

Founded by Bruce Upcherch and Dave Meffert in 2005, Zone Radio Imaging is baced in New York, New York and creates radio jingles for every format possible.

When TM started representing Zone in 2007 things took off for the company.

Dave not only works with Zone, but he creates imaging services and produces radio jingle packages for TM Studios. He also has imaging libraries for every format possible.

Happy 10 year anniversary, Zone Radio Imaging! And here’s to 10 more years of the best radio jingles and imaging we come to know from Bruce, Dave and the team!

Here’s a link for you to check out the Bruce Upcherch signature series.

Side Note: Beverley Staunton is the lead singer on Zone packages containing a full group sing. You can read all about Beverley on this blog, just click on the Beverley Staunton Category and you’ll find a post about this incredible vocalist!

Imaging Showcase: Zone Radio Imaging

Here is a jingle and imaging company that’s been very popular in recent years and yet, deserves a spot in the imaging showcase.

For those who don’t know, the company is called Zone Radio Imaging.

Here’s more about Zone, from their website.

ZONE makes the freshest and most unique vocal imaging for radio in the world. Weaving a station’s creative visions into musical identification that’s tasty and original, ZONE jingles enhance your on-air branding like no other.

ZONE’s president and composer-in-residence is Bruce Upchurch, whose unique sonic creations have been imbedded into radio’s psyche for years. Respected as an innovator, he has influenced a generation of radio listeners with his brand of aural excitement. Bruce’s radio magic continues to appear in heavy rotation all over the world’s airwaves.

We invite you to listen to ZONE’s online catalog and marvel at our impeccable aural hygiene and mastery of all things mnemonic. We have a good time making great jingles that make our clients very happy.

Bruce is not alone. Dave Meffert, the man who has been re-eventing radio imaging for years, co-founded Zone Radio Imaging along with Bruce. Both Dave and Bruce know how to give current and future clients what they need. They take good care of their clients and treet them like family.

Zone Radio Imaging is baced in the big apple of New York.

I encourage all PD’S and imaging directors. Take a good listen to Zone’s work. Bruce and Dave really work hard to give you the wright sound for your station. Dave produces everything from scratch, using organic vocals and Dave’s own FX library taken from libraries such as Imagio and Short Bus Radio to name afew. The TM Studios website features a category called the Bruce Upcherch Signature Series in the jingles section. That’s another way to hear the newest stuff created by the Zone team.

Get Zone Radio Imaging on your radio station, syndicated and network shows now before it’s to late! You’ll be glad you did!

New package. New Country KYGO

It’s rare that a heritage country radio station would order a custom package produced by a different jingle company and have it sung with their own heritage logo.

KYGO, a heritage country station in Denver, did just that.

Introducing New Country KYGO. Now ready to be customized!

ICONIC and LEGENDARY are words that can really only be used about a select group of radio stations across the U.S. 98-5 KYGO is certainly one of them. It has dominated, not just a market, but a genre for decades. Over the years KYGO has taken on all challengers with class, grit, fortitude and, most importantly, success. KYGO has also been emulated time and again for its talent, its programming acumen AND its pinpoint branding. Bruce Upchurch and TM Studios are proud to play a role in the next evolution in the storied history of this Heritage station. We present KYGO-2015.

10 main themes with ramp, slogan, ID and shotgun versions of eatch, a fast to slow transition with ID and shotgun mixouts, a top of hour ID, a weather bed, a promo bed, and a all purpose instrumental bed that can be used as either a news or traffic bed.

Stations who love all of the KYGO packages created by Reelworld will love this new incarnation of the legendary KYGO logo. I highly recommend you use this package. It’s up, bright, upbeat, and flexable.

Get this package on your station now before your competitor airs it first. You’ll be glad you did.

Check out the new KYGO incarnation here and listen to what the buzz is all about!

Enjoy New Country KYGO and get this package on the air in your market today!

KYGO is a Radio Disney Country station.

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